LGBTQ+/SGL* -Affirming Housing for Older People

Case study
Nov 29, 2022
Stephanie Firestone and Julia Glassman for AARP Equity by Design- Principles in Action
Many older LGBTQ+/SGL people who pioneered coming out of the closet are now forced to go back in. As their housing needs and preferences change with age, prejudice is still rampant. And under the U.S. Fair Housing Act, gender identity and sexual orientation are not explicitly protected classes where housing is concerned. Creating appropriate housing for LGBTQ+/SGL seniors must be informed by the life experiences of older people in this community, which often include family rejection, mistreatment, and even violence. This means increasing our cultural competence—from the terminology used, to the design and management of housing developments that consider past traumas. This case study presents innovative housing projects as well as guidance for developers on how to meet some of the unique needs of this particular population.
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