About Housing Is

The Housing Is Clearinghouse will help you and your organization foster collaboration and partnerships across systems and sectors.

We are most effective when we break down silos and work together.

The Housing Is Clearinghouse is a hub for promoting effective programs and sharing innovative ideas. The Clearinghouse helps facilitate coordination between experts, encourages collaboration, expands partnerships, and serves as a virtual gathering place for communities of practice across systems and sectors. Everyone is welcome, from researchers and health executives to educators and community leaders.

Why join the Housing Is community?
  • Cross-System Communities: You can join as many Housing Is communities of practice as you would like, or start your own. Connect with other users to discuss, collaborate, and share around like-minded interests.

  • Searchable Resources: You can easily sort and search for resources, as well as share them with specific user communities of interest. Visit this centralized source of information that cuts across housing, education, healthcare, and other systems.               

  • Personal “Newsfeed”: Your Clearinghouse homepage is comprised of content from communities of which you are a member and experts that you follow. Click on the home button to see all of this information in one spot.

  • Collaborative Tools: The Clearinghouse offers ways to engage with other users including commenting on and “liking” resources, as well as forums and discussion boards within communities to help share ideas and help foster meaningful discussion.         

  • Access to Experts: The Clearinghouse links users to thought leaders, practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers who are experts in their field. Users can follow experts’ activity on the site and reach out to them directly. Users can also apply to be experts themselves!               

  • Central Event Calendar: Visit one place for all the most important events, webinars, meetings, and conferences to benefit you and your organization. Users can add events to this calendar, as well as access others’ announcements.

Join the Housing Is Clearinghouse

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