Public Housing Capital Needs Study Confirms Funding Levels Too Low to Address Long-Term Capital Need

Jul 27, 2018
On June 24th, HUD released the 2010 Public Housing Capital Needs Study. In general, the study shows that since the last capital needs study in 1998, federal appropriations have been too low to make significant progress at reducing the backlog of capital needs.

Health in All Policies: The Role of The US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Present and Future Challenges

Jul 19, 2018
The link between federal housing policy and public health has been understood since the nineteenth century, when housing activists first sought to abolish slums and create healthful environments.

Preserving, Protecting, and Expanding Affordable Housing: A Policy Toolkit for Public Health

Policy Brief
Jul 13, 2018
Practitioners and community advocates working at the intersection of housing and health have a unique role to play, both in guaranteeing quality affordable housing remains available for people of all incomes, and in making sure new investments in neighborhoods contribute to a healthy environment.