What would it take to ensure quality affordable housing for all in communities of opportunity?

Urban Institute
We can imagine a future where everyone can find and afford a quality home. Where every neighborhood offers a diversity of housing options. And where people up and down the income ladder can enjoy housing security and build wealth through ownership.

Within Reach: Ambitious Federal Solutions to Meet the Housing Needs of the Most Vulnerable People

Jan 24, 2019
Opportunity Starts at Home
Affordable housing campaigns are not new, of course, but what is unprecedented and transformative about Opportunity Starts at Home is the scope and diversity of the partners that are joining forces to advocate for more robust and equitable federal housing policies.

The Seattle Area is Solving on of Housing's Biggest Challenges

News Article
May 15, 2018
Rebecca Gale for Slate
Since federal public housing assistance was first created in 1939 amid the Great Depression, public housing advocates have struggled with how to move low-income families to higher-opportunity neighborhoods, typically defined as neighborhoods with less poverty (though experts argue there are other wa

Interactive Map: Where Voucher Households Live in the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas

Jan 3, 2019
Alicia Mazzara, Brian Knudsen, and Nick Kasprak for Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The Housing Choice Voucher Program, the nation’s largest federal rental assistance program, enables families to afford decent, stable housing, avoid homelessness, and make ends meet. This map allows users to examine where voucher-assisted households live in the 50 largest metropolitan areas.