Rents rise, supply drops - Chicago's affordable housing woes mount

News Article
Apr 24, 2019
Blair Kamin for The Chicago Tribune
A new report from DePaul University’s Institute for Housing Studies shows that a loss of affordable rental units is a growing challenge across the city. The loss is especially acute in Logan Square and other neighborhoods on the city’s North and Northwest sides, the report says.

California's teacher housing crunch: Rising rents in coastal areas outpace pay

News Article
Apr 21, 2019
Diana Lambert and Daniel Willis for The San Francisco Chronicle
An EdSource analysis of teacher salaries and rents reveals just how crushing California’s housing crisis has become for many teachers.Teachers at the bottom of the salary scale working in coastal or metro areas of the state are being shut out of affordable housing.

Barriers to School-Based Parent Involvement While Living in Public Housing: A Mother's Perspective

May 18, 2018
Stephanie Lechuga-Pena and Daniel Brisson for TQR
Parent involvement is associated with child academic outcomes, positive behaviors, and social skills. This qualitative study explored school-based parent involvement barriers experienced by nine low-income mothers.

Three Ways Hospitals and Health Systems Can Improve How They Invest in Affordable Housing

Apr 25, 2019
Martha Fedorowicz and Kathryn Reynolds for How Housing Matters, The Urban Institute
Adequate, safe, and affordable housing is one of our most basic needs. But in the US, access to housing is not guaranteed. Demand for affordable housing is growing, especially as housing costs increase beyond wage growth in many communities.

Measuring The Lifetime Costs of Serious Mental Illness And The Mitigating Effects of Educational Attainment

Apr 1, 2019
Health Affairs
Serious mental illness (SMI) is a disabling condition that develops early in life and imposes substantial economic burden. There is a growing belief that early intervention for SMI has lifelong benefits for patients.