Housing Is Working Group: Medicaid Redetermination at the End of the COVID PHE

Nov 8, 2022
Housing Is Working Group
On October 13, 2022, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra extended the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, effective through January 11, 2023. While when the Public Health Emergency will end is still unknown, when it does, state Medicaid and CHIP plans will begin reassessing the eligibility of all recipients to confirm they still meet the eligibility requirements (“redetermination”). At the Housing Is Working Group webinar on November 8, 2022, we heard from UnitedHealthcare about the important actions needed to ensure individuals retain their Medicaid enrollment and how PHA staff can support residents in this process. This presentation is plan agnostic and the goal is to ensure Americans retain their Medicaid coverage regardless of the healthcare plan that serves them. This webinar is open to all interested attendees!
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