Food Insecurity Trended Upward in Midst of High Inflation and Fewer Supports

Policy Brief
Sep 28, 2022
Elaine Waxman, Julio Salas, Poonam Gupta, Michael Karpman for the Urban Institute
Approximately one in five adults reported experiencing household food insecurity in both spring 2020 and again in summer 2022, after a decline in reported food insecurity in spring 2021. High food price inflation, along with elevated costs for other basic needs, such as transportation and rent, have likely eroded food budgets in the last year. In addition, some of the safety net responses that buffered food insecurity in 2021 are no longer in place. In this brief, we use data from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey, a nationally representative survey of nonelderly adults, to assess food insecurity among households with nonelderly adults in March/April 2020, April 2021, and June 2022.
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