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Housing Is Working Group 2023-2024 Calendar

Join the Housing Is Working Group to discuss special topics related to cross-sector initiatives and programmatic considerations particularly focused on the intersections of housing, health, and education.

This year’s public webinars cover topics such as the mobility asthma project, trauma-informed approaches to housing, resident-focused racial equity work, out-of-school time, and how FCC grantees are supprting voucher holders.

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Elements of a Successful Partnership

With generous support from the MacArthur Foundation, CLPHA developed an in-depth report on regional housing-education collaborations taking place at housing authorities across the Pacific-Northwest.

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Aug 1, 2018
Although affordable housing holds great potential for improving the health of its residents, the optimal way to incorporate health into the affordable housing planning and design process remains unknown. Working with five community development corporations (CDCs), we performed a pilot study of their approach to developing Health Action Plans, a structured process that formalizes collaboration between CDCs and public health professionals.

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Topics: Depression, Green, Health, Housing, Low-income, Partnerships, Research
Shared by Housing Is on Aug 1, 2018