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Supplemental Food Deliveries

San Antonio Housing Authority
San Antonio, Texas

One of the questions we are trying to address is food insecurity.  Local food donation drives are insufficient for a number of reasons.  We are considering creating a Mobile Food Pantry that can deliver donated food to residents who may not be able to get out or otherwise access food.   Are any other housing authorities considering creating something similar? Any challenges or successes to share? 


Richard, we have heard from other PHAs that they are creating systems to ensure residents -- especially seniors -- are receiving meals and medications. How they are doing this varies, though we have heard that many PHAs are making regular/daily phone calls to senior residents to monitor their wellbeing and needs. Are there any community partners of SAHA's that might also be trying to reach seniors in need of food at this time? Many senior healthcare and social service providers are actively addressing these needs as well. Perhaps try reaching out to your local Area Agency on Aging coordination entity as well.

We are happy to raise this question an upcoming call and reference this post so that others can come to the forum to offer additional perspective.

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