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Loss of income

San Antonio Housing Authority
San Antonio, Texas

We anticipate a large number of residents to report a loss of income over the coming weeks and months.  Is it important to flag loss of income that is related to COVID-19 (vs non-COVID-19 loss of income)?  If so, what methods are used to distinguish the two categories?  


Richard, this is a good question. We will make sure to raise it on the call this coming Monday to see how other agencies are handling this. Are you also asking if this is important because of what HUD would want to see?

Hi Richard,

I wanted to follow up on this. CLPHA is actively encouraging HUD to make reporting requirements as simple as possible at this time. We have not heard of other PHAs tracking this for the sake of reporting. Since this is such a seismic shift in the economy, it will be possible to see changes in average income (and loss of income). Please let me know if you need additional feedback, and I'll make sure to get back to you if we hear anything further.


Thank you, Steve, appreciate the follow up.

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