Voice of the Patient Summit: Best Practices for Collecting Patient Feedback

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Washington, District of Columbia
Tuesday, October 20, 2020 10:15 am to 12:00 pm

We invite you to join us online for our upcoming Summit: Voice of the Patient. As part of our ongoing Signature Series programming, this three-day event will examine the patient voice in several levels of health care design, delivery, and measurement.

We will study how the patient voice is collected, how it supports shared-decision making, and how it is leveraged in policy translation efforts to improve patient experience and build healthier futures.

Attendees will hear from patient advocates, industry professionals, and top thought leaders on topics such as:

·     Patient interaction best practices

·     Helping patients navigate the health care system

·     The impact of bias on patient trust in medicine

·     Making data actionable for health care system redesign

Day 1: Best Practices for Collecting Patient Feedback

- Keynote 1: The Importance of the Patient Voice in Health Care

11:15-11:50 a.m. EST

This opening keynote will provide an introduction to the “patient voice” and why it’s more important than ever to include patient priorities and needs in all levels of care design, delivery, and measurement. Our speaker will tie in themes of advocacy, access, and patient-centeredness to drive better health care and ultimately better health.


- Panel 1: Connecting with Health Care Consumers to Drive Meaningful Change

12:00 -1:00 p.m. EST

In this panel, health care consumers and experts will discuss strategies for effective communication and shared decision making from the patient and caregiver perspectives. Speakers will explore how providers can effectively connect with patients, caregivers, and other advocates to elevate and incorporate their voice into the health care lifecycle, from design to delivery and beyond.


Alliance for Health Policy
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