Virtual Briefing on Affordable Homeownership and Infrastructure

Washington, District of Columbia
Monday, June 28, 2021 2:00 pm
As Congress begins work on legislation to improve the U.S. infrastructure, it is crucial that affordable homeownership be included. Homeownership is a key building block for stable, vital neighborhoods as well for the wealth, education, and health of individual families. There is no investment alternative that is as beneficial as homeownership for building assets, and, as new research is beginning to demonstrate, investments in homeownership improve housing affordability. Homeownership offers families stable housing costs because mortgage payments on fixed-rate loans don’t increase, unlike rents. Since much economic inequality is rooted in the racial gap in homeownership rates, it is critical to launch a renewed effort to boost the U.S. homeownership rates among people who have been shut out of this important means of building wealth. Hear from congressional sponsors of affordable homeownership bills, state officials, homeownership experts, and mission-driven nonprofits who are expanding affordable homeownership opportunities.
National Housing Conference
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