Harnessing Our Collective Wisdom to Create the Necessary Community Conditions so Children and Families Thrive

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Chicago, Illinois
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Did you know that over 1,800 children are abused and neglected each day in the U.S. and approximately 435,000 children are currently in the foster care system? Children who experience trauma, including abuse and neglect or loss of one or more parents, known as Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs), are more likely to face lifelong challenges to their well-being. How can we spare children and families from having deeper involvement in the social service systems? In this one-hour webinar, Abt and a distinguished panel will explore the social and policy conditions that influence disproportionate representation of children of color in the child welfare system, including: • racism • access to services, including Medicaid and CHIP and • lack of economic opportunity and affordable housing and childcare among others. Panelists will also identify the ways in which leaders across sectors make decisions that impact the families encountering the system, and describe the change needed to reduce family and child engagement with the systems.
Abt Associates, Inc.
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