CGLR Webinar: 250,000 Caring Adults: Rolling Out a New National Effort

Washington, District of Columbia
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
With back-to-school season in full swing, there is intensified focus on accelerating equitable learning recovery as educators determine how to make the most of time and resources — both in school and out of school — to provide the targeted support most needed. To assist schools and communities in responding to the challenges, the Biden administration has just launched two initiatives that will provide new opportunities and resources. The National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS) will deploy 250,000 caring adults as tutors, mentors and coaches while the Engage Every Student (EES) initiative aims to expand out-of-school time and summer learning opportunities. The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (CGLR) has long advocated for these types of programs and supports, and is delighted with the new energy, attention and resources. Join CGLR, September 6, from 3–4:30 p.m. ET, to hear Shital C. Shah of the U.S. Department of Education provide an overview of both initiatives and a more detailed review of the NPSS. Shah will be joined by NPSS national organizers, Bob Balfanz, Ph.D., of the Everyone Graduates Center and Kate Cochran of NPSS, who will explain how the initiative will roll out and how local communities can take advantage of the available technical assistance and resources. Afterwards a panel of national and local leaders will offer their reactions to the NPSS announcement and share how they plan to leverage the resources to engage more tutors, mentors and coaches and expand programming to more children and families. --------- CGLR Learning Tuesdays affirms the Campaign's commitment to get better at getting better by learning with and from each other. We are using these webinars as a portal through which to access and explore the best science, ideas and programs. We expect to be informed, inspired and energized by an eclectic mix of presenters who will bring knowledge derived from research, practice and lived experience. GLR Learning Tuesdays Webinars are hosted every Tuesday 3-4:30 pm ET and often host special webinars at 12:30 pm ET. Sept. 6, 3-4:30pm ET 250,000 Caring Adults: Rolling Out a New National Effort Presenters: Shital C. Shah, U.S. Department of Education; Bob Balfanz, Ph.D., Everyone Graduates Center; and Kate Cochran, National Partnership for Student Success. Commentators: Denise Forte, The Education Trust; Mioshi Moses, AARP Foundation Experience Corps; Munro Richardson, Ph.D., Read Charlotte; and Liz Ross, Overdeck Family Foundation. Moderator: John Gomperts. LLRC
Campaign for Grade Level Reading
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