Access & Action: Why Diverse Books Matter

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Chicago, Illinois
Tuesday, March 28, 2023 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
The lack of diversity in children’s books has been a weight on educational and racial equity in our nation for decades. While there have been some promising efforts to address this, the efforts have been fragmented and are not happening fast enough. Today, the need for affordable, high-quality children’s books by and about diverse races and cultures is even greater ― and more urgent. Learning loss caused by the pandemic has driven reading and math scores to the lowest level in two decades ― with the biggest impact on kids growing up in under-served communities, who were already struggling. Census data show how diverse we are as a nation ― and that diversity among young children is increasing. Another compelling factor: Research shows that children form their perspectives about race from their earliest years. Increasing access to diverse books ― so that all children feel they and their communities are seen and celebrated ― nurtures positive self-identity, diminishes stereotypes and contributes to a love of books and reading. Please join us to learn about the new Diverse Books for All Coalition, an unprecedented collaboration of 30 nonprofit and member organizations, spearheaded by the nonprofit First Book. Coalition members are working together to leverage their collective market strength; develop a unified voice; and support parents, caregivers and early educators to dramatically increase access to and use of affordable, quality children’s books by and about diverse races and cultures.
Campaign for Grade Level Reading ; Diverse Books for All Coalition
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