Voice of the Patient Summit: Navigating the Current System

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Washington, District of Columbia
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 10:15 am to 12:00 pm

We invite you to join us online for our upcoming Summit: Voice of the Patient. As part of our ongoing Signature Series programming, this three-day event will examine the patient voice in several levels of health care design, delivery, and measurement.

We will study how the patient voice is collected, how it supports shared-decision making, and how it is leveraged in policy translation efforts to improve patient experience and build healthier futures.

Attendees will hear from patient advocates, industry professionals, and top thought leaders on topics such as:

·     Patient interaction best practices

·     Helping patients navigate the health care system

·     The impact of bias on patient trust in medicine

·     Making data actionable for health care system redesign

Day 2: Navigating the Current System

- Keynote 2: Virtual Clinical Trials – A Care from Anywhere Case Study

- Panel 2: Empowering Patients to Navigate and Negotiate Health Care

Alliance for Health Policy
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