A New Deal to End Youth Homelessness: Reaching Housing Justice for Youth

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Washington, District of Columbia
Tuesday, October 20, 2020 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

During this session, leaders from A Way Home America will work in two groups (providers/advocates and youth) to co-create the action plan for a reimagined housing system, that is rooted in justice, in order to end youth homelessness. Make sure your voices, ideas, and demands are represented in the Housing Justice pillar of the New Deal to End Youth Homelessness. 


Amanda Clifford - A Way Home America, AWHA Leadership Body

Kevin Solarte - National Innovation Service, Director of Cross-System Initiatives

Happening live at Point Source Youth's 4th Annual National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness.

A Way Home America
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