How Multi-sector Partnerships Advance Racial Equity Through a Housing Campaign

Conway, Arkansas
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Leaders from the health, faith, and food security sectors will join us for a discussion about advancing racial equity through participation in the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign. The campaign brings together voices from various sectors to advance bold housing solutions. In the past two years, the campaign has formed a Racial Equity Working Group to advance racial equity within the campaign. During this webinar, members of the Racial Equity Working Group will explore how their organizations are advancing racial equity, the intersectional impact of correcting racial inequities in housing policy, the activities of the Racial Equity Working Group, and major reflections and takeaways.


The webinar will feature:  

  • Chantelle Wilkinson, National Campaign Manager, Opportunity Starts at Home (Moderator) 
  • Curtis Johnson, Vice President of Housing Strategy, Catholic Charities USA
  • Alexandra Ashbrook, Director of Root Causes and Specific Populations, Food Research and Action Center
  • Charlotte Bruce, Research and Policy Analyst, Children’s HealthWatch
Opportunity Starts At Home
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